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Organic Aromatherapy – Therapeutic Essential Oils

Have you tried aromatherapy and been disappointed in the experience? Or maybe you just thought you tried aromatherapy. Therapeutic aromatherapy has recently enjoyed a revival of interest among the 20 somethingcrowd. The powerful effects scents can have, mental and physically, … Continue reading

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Fit Biz Evolution

Welcome to TrueNorth Business Consulting presentation of a Business Makeover.  Each month will feature an idea that can help your business.  True North focuses on helping health and wellness practitioners to maintain and grow their business using the areas of … Continue reading

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Fit Pro Nutrition Service

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Personal Trainer Business

Find Personal Training Fitness Careers in the United States and Canada. Currently, there are a variety of vocational schools and personal training schools from which to choose should you desire to pursue personal training fitness careers. In addition, there are … Continue reading

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Best Foot Forward

A best practice is a process that a business uses to effectively deliver a service or product to the public, consumer, or other business.  It is efficient because there is a pattern that will be followed so that a good … Continue reading

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Balance Ball Training

One of the latest trends to be introduced into our industry has been Stability Ball training. Stability balls are large balls, similar to the big, plastic ones the kids play around with in the backyard, which are made of sturdy … Continue reading

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Sexy Fit Camps

Fitness Camp Blog Entry Still relatively new to the fitness industry are the “strip-tease” and “exotic dance styled programs.  “sexy diva fitness classes” (must login at “sexy fitness camps“) made popular by the likes of Carmen Electra and the silent … Continue reading

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Dynamic Warmups

No matter what Johnny’s dad thinks, he is not a small adult.  This is a significant hurdle each youth coach must understand and overcome before doing anything beyond general playground effort level activity “training”. Because of Johnny is not a … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders

Prozac is the most common prescribed medication for eating disorders. There are many opinions about the treatment of eating disorders with Prozac. Some people say that Prozac was useful for them to fight their eating disorders. But many people report … Continue reading

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Diet Planning

This one’s easy…  Not as easy as a magic pill that we all want so much, but this menu planning tool is as close as it gets in following a safe scientifically based program. So here’s the tip for you … Continue reading

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