Keeping Fit in the Winter

As seasons change, so do our workouts.  In some parts of the country there isn’t the drastic difference in temperatures, but there is still a change.  If you are not a gym goer and don’t want to trek out into the snow and cold and like to stay comfortable in your own home, below are some new ideas to try out as the seasons change.

1)    Yoga/Pilates

Take one day a week or if you can’t find the time for that, a few times a month to center yourself.  There are all shorts of resources on yoga; check on the internet, go to the bookstore, buy a dvd, whichever your preference is.  Take some time to balance your life, do some yoga and stretching in your own home, in a quiet room. 

2)    Indoor Spinning

If you already have a stationary bike, or a workout bike then all you need to do is hop on that seat!  If you don’t already have an exercise bike, look into purchasing one, or even turning your mountain bike into one.   Simply purchase an indoor trainer for your bike, mount it on there and you are ready to begin your own spinning class at home.  A workout of 30 minutes is always a good place to start.

3)     Eliiptical/Treadmill

Running on your own elliptical or treadmill is quite simple, you can even multi-task.  While running or walking; read a book or study for a test.  If those activities don’t work for you watch some tv, or your favorite show. As you start to get in more shape run for longer, and increase the resistance or incline.   See if you can challenge yourself to watch a full hour show!

4)    Workout DVDS

If you are a busy working mom (or dad I suppose!), pick a night(s) a week to get together with a few friends.  Discuss between the few of you what kind of workout video you would be most interested in.  Go out a buy the DVD and start motivating each other to get a great workout in!  After you’ve gotten a good sweat in don’t forget to eat a healthy meal.  In the winter we tend to snack a lot more, and not eat as healthy.  Remember the key to staying in great shape is to still be eating the right foods.    

Start cooking more and finding healthy recipes.  Plus it’s more comfortable to stay home then venture out into the cold weather

5)     Circuit Training

Circuit training has become more popular in the last few years.  If you are real cramped for time and just don’t have time and energy to go to the gym, circuits are a great way to keep your body in shape.  It can help your mobility, flexibility, strength and toning of your overall muscles in as short as 5 mins.  You can pick out different circuits to do each day for however long you feel your body needs and can handle.  An average time for any given circuit is 5 to 10 minutes.  Below are some ideas for circuits.  Search online to find ones that you think will be best suited for you.

–          Ab Circuit

–          Cardio Circuit

–          Exercise Ball Circuit

–          Resistant Band Circuit

–          Various Circuits

Megan Gates is an outreach representative for Gym Source ( – a leading retailer of home gyms and various other fitness and exercise equipment.  Megan contributes written work to the blogosphere related to health and fitness.

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