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Still relatively new to the fitness industry are the “strip-tease” and “exotic dance styled programs.  “sexy diva fitness classes(must login at sexy fitness camps“) made popular by the likes of Carmen Electra and the silent majority of women who dream of exposing their inner sexiness.  (maybe a little husband/boyfriend/girlfriend pushing there as well)
Sexy dance, strip-tease, belly dance, erotic dance, pole dancing, sexy yoga, or whatever title/format you want to throw to it are all forms of exotic erotic moves that bring out the diva in all women and at the same time offer cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits.
The fitness benefits are great.  Tone your body, burn calories and increase your flexibility; empower yourself with renewed confidence and self-esteem; spice up your relationship; improve your self expression; and learn basic to complex moves that require no dance experience.
Hell, you know we’re all about the fitness, but the psychological benefit that comes from the freeing of spirit and mind is by far more beneficial.  You also know the LBN program is totally ok with you working out purely for your own egotistic reasons. There is little wrong with getting more whistles, having more drinks bought for you, or making your partner(s) desire you more.
Our current local schedule is out and the popularity of the physical and emotional benefits of both the pole class and exotic dance class have  kept these classes full for many months…. therefore, more sexy camp classes are available this time around.
Exotic MovesFind the Sensual side of fitness with this integrated workout that combines erotic dance styles, modern dance and the art of striptease in on complete empowering sexy session. These moves will build your core strength, increase your flexibility, improve your stamina and deliver a mind opening experience for all participants. Come explore the sexy inner you and walk away with a new mind, body, and soul connection… OR host a party at your location. (more)
Pole Siren Camp Embrace your inner seductress with some sassy moves inspired from burlesque, bellydance and exotic dance while exploring the enticement of the pole. Campers will learn basic spins and moves around the pole while incorporating their sultry new dance movements into this 90 minute class. Feather boas, hats, gloves and accessories are encouraged to bring out the sass of this camp.

Partner YogaMix up your flexibility training and yoga practice with a little help from your friend or loved one. This workshop will share how yoga postures and movements become not only a work of art, but an amazing experience when performed with someone close to you. A perfect opportunity to connect, grow and explore a new appreciation for each other.

Stripping not required to enjoy any of these fun, healthy, and sexy programs.  If you have a private group that wants to step up to this uninhibited level of exotic art, let us know and we’ll work with you to schedule a series of programs for you.

Pole Dancing is the hottest rage that is hitting the U.S.A., Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland and New Zealand, and will soon be in your area. It has been seen on The TODAY Show, 20/20, The View, “A Current Affair” and Oprah. Yes, Oprah and Barbara Walters have pole danced in front of millions of viewers!

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