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A best practice is a process that a business uses to effectively deliver a service or product to the public, consumer, or other business.  It is efficient because there is a pattern that will be followed so that a good experience is produced.

It is used in education, insurance and nursing, to name a few industries, but the idea can be applied to any business no matter the size.

For example, my friend went to a yoga class at a local gym.  She had attended that particular class for over a year- Intermediate Vinyasa.  On this day there were the ten regular people and two newcomers.  The instructor changed the class to benefit the two newcomers.  However, her other clients were left with a workout they did not want.

This is where having a published Best Practices would be beneficial.  Perhaps something like:

  1. Classes will start on time.
  2. If the instructor is not present, and the class cannot continue then the students will receive a certificate for a free class.
  3. Classes are marked at certain levels; please choose the level that is right for you.  Modifications will be announced, but the classes will continue at the published level.
  4. Our location will always be clean and safe.


The benefits of having Best Practices can be used in marketing to show consistency in your product, plus you will gain word of mouth clients because of your standards. You are also setting a legal benchmark for your business, because of this you want to make sure that you can meet your best practices.

If you have a business to business model, then Best Practices can still be used. Your focus may be on:

  • We believe in alternative dispute resolution and will use mediation if a conflict arises.  We want long term relationships
  • We always use Delaware law in our contracts.
  • We will answer your request within 24 hours
  • We work with the following charitable organizations and hope you will help.


It is a gain for employees too.  They will gain an understanding of what is expected of them, and what level of service they need to provide.

Taking some time to create a Best Practices will allow you to put your best foot forward.

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