Classic Fragrance of Lavendar

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The scent of lavendar has the power to recreate long lost memories for nearly everyone. It’s classic fragrance has long been used for centuries. The latin word lavendar translates “to wash” and both the Romans and Greeks used the herb.

There is some confusion with lavendar as the common form is lavandula angustifolia and is a bushy shrub with small lavender purple flowers. Lavender (cotton) which is called santolina chamecyparissus is a shrubby plant with yellow flowers.

The common form is native only to the Mediterranean region and was thought to be the herb of love. Oddly enough as the quality of aphrodisiac was thought by some, others thought to sprinkle lavendar water on a person’s head would keep them chaste.

It is thought to strengthen the stomach and free the liver and spleen from obstruction. Although today the largest percentage of blooms is used in the fragrance industry leading way to the aromatic health benefits. It not only keeps moths away but is thought to soothe the nerves.

The oil made from early blooms is the most valuable oil to be used medicinally and appears to have spasmolytic and sedative features. It is considered a safe herb however moderation is wise as medicinally the herb has not been studied. Using one teaspoon of the early bloom fresh herb in a pint of water, steeped for 10-20 minutes will work wonders a a mild sedative.

Many herbalist prescribe a lavendar oil for eczema and psoriasis. Add two drops of the oil to a bland vegetable oil and use as a lotion. Or in a warm bath a few drops is said to relieve the itch and any neuralgia pain. The leaves of the plant rubbed onto the skin is a wonderful natural insect repellent.

As a compress it is used to relieve chest congestion to relieving the pain of bruises and bites.

Lavendar is also used in many ammonia spirits that prevent or relieve fainting spells. In China lavendar is the cure all medicinal oil used in virtually every tincture produced.

It is also thought to provoke a women’s courses and therefore should never be used by women who are expecting. The oil is extremely potent and the dosage for any internal condition is no more than one or two drops.

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