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Have you tried aromatherapy and been disappointed in the experience? Or maybe you just thought you tried aromatherapy.
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Therapeutic aromatherapy has recently enjoyed a revival of interest among the 20 somethingcrowd. The powerful effects scents can have, mental and physically, interest them. Oil burners, scented candles, and reed diffusers have become very popular. But, many are coming away from the experience disappointed.

If you just want a pleasant smell, there are many products that can provide it. But if youwantthe benefits of organic aromatherapy, such as romantic moods, reducing stress or anxiety, boosting immune systems, etc., you need to look more carefully at the product.

Real aromatherapy will use real essential oils. The higher grade essential oil used, the better the benefits will be. Essential oils are the carefully extracted part of a flower or plant that actually composes the aroma you smell from that plant or flower. These odors provide a variety of functions for the plant, such as attracting pollinators, repelling harmful insects, and killing infections. These properties can now be scientifically studied and are the reason essential oils have been valued for so long.

An essential oil can contain hundreds of identifiable properties, many of which are known to be beneficial to people. Another benefit of aromatherapy is that essential oils are believed to enter and leave the body without leaving any toxic residue behind, unlike chemical drugs (or chemically reproduced scents, perhaps?).

All the different grades and products available could seem a bit intimidating. If you are looking for stress, anxiety or insomnia relief, it might be overwhelming. Or it could also be as simple as putting a few drops into melted candle wax, if you have the right resources.

Don’t be fooled by glitzy packaging or fancy words. Most fragrance oils are chemical reproductions. Many essential oils used are so low grade (commercial grade) very few therapeutic benefits will be derived.

The website,, focuses on providing the resources to keep the fun and “art” in aromatherapy without sacrificing quality. The web master welcomes any comments or questions, and will make sure you find what you are looking for.

So, don’t let your search for a romantic or relaxing evening turn into flop, or, worse yet, additional stress. There is now a place you can come to find the information, quality, and convenience you are looking for.

Nancy Shonkwiler

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