Diet Planning

This one’s easy…  Not as easy as a magic pill that we all want so much, but this menu planning tool is as close as it gets in following a safe scientifically based program.

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So here’s the tip for you to get the most out of it.

  1. Evaluate your current diet – for the first 5-7 days just track and enter your current eating and drinking habits.  Be honest and get a good look at what you are consuming.  Take a hard look at what is putting your sexy body in it’s current state of being.
  2. Review your “grade” and learn from the reports as to what you are nutritionally missing and where you may be over consuming.
  3. After that first reality check week, I want you to jump into the previously prepared meal plans.  Those meal plans all have excellent nutrition grades and only the ones that fit your personal activity level and needs will be presented to you…. Learn from eating right.  Benefit from following these as written.
  4. With 1-2 months of well graded meal plans followed and learned from, give it another try to see if you can again manage appropriately your nutrient intake… If not, just go back to more of the prepared meal plans as there are thousands to choose from. If so, good for you! You’ll soon be re-introduced to the sexy nude you.
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