Not Losing Weight

There are many benefits to exercise that go beyond the burning of calories and the loss of fat weight. While these advantages of physical activity have been hailed for many years and from many corners of society, it does not seem to resonate with most people. Again this year the overall number of U.S. overweight and obese has increased. It seems the more people try to lose weight, the more they fail to lose weight… they gain weight.

So, what is the issue?

The issue is that exercise does not fix all (at least not alone), especially in the calorie and fat loss game. It has been said that the exercise component in weight loss accounts for only 20-40% of the equation. This small percentage has to do with the calorie expenditure due to exercise, and does not address the larger percentage in a weight loss program, caloric intake, which is due toHealthy Diet Meals

what we shove in our face from food and drink.

It is a fairly simple equation, but seems to be a bit too difficult for the majority of humanity to comprehend. What you put in your mouth greatly affects your ability to lose weight, whether or not exercise is involved. That one small candy bar will introduce 500 calories into your body in a matter of minutes. It will take most of you nearly an hour to lose that 500 calories via exercise.

3 Keys to Controlling Your Food Intake:

  • Take responsibility for yourself. No more blaming your time, family, job, stress, whatever. People spend more time making excuses for their eating habits than they do making a simple plan to control them. Accept the fact that you alone are in control of your dietary habits.
  • Enlist help of others #1. The help you are looking for here is primarily from those who are living with you. Going it alone is difficult and you can only control yourself. Setting out with those closest to you will assist in keeping the food selection most appropriate for your diet plan.
  • Get a plan. A couple of tough realities you will have to face at this point. 1) Very few people establish and actually follow a balanced dietary program. 2) Odds are pretty high that you, nor your friend, nor the magazine you are reading, not even your mother can truly put together that balanced dietary program that will assist you in gradually losing the excess weight that is dragging you down.

Controlling your food intake is a tough road, but it is the necessary road. Take responsibility of what you put in your mouth. Because establishing and following a plan is technical and rarely accomplished, utilize the services of a professional dietician or by purchasing home delivered meal bundles. Either of these solutions will take your thinking and will power out of the equation and the home delivery options add convenience with little added expense to your monthly food purchases. Whatever option you chose to help you down the dietary path is fine as long as you choose one, choose it soon, and have enough determination and back bone to stick with it.

Make it a Healthy Day!

Tom Bomar is a health and wellness professional, certified as a strength and conditioning specialist and member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He provides Fitness Professional business, education, and travel opportunities through FIT Launch, Inc.

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