Butt Sculpting 101

Taking your butt… backside, and sculpting it into a work of art that you can be proud of can and will take a bit of hard work. Whether you currently look like you have a large exercise ball inmuscle building

the back of your pants or a thin slice of plywood, the work load is significant… significant, but different. Either way it will take time and perseverance as well as a thought out exercise plan of action to change your bodies shape. If the exercise ball is the issue those behind you face, attempting to lose fat weight will be your primary goal initially. It would be ideal if you could target that one spot, but it just doesn’t work that way. You will have to work at an overall negative calorie balance, and bide your time until your body decides it is ready to take it off the rear.

5 Keys to Body Fat Reduction:

  • Put the fork down! Reduce daily calorie intake moderately (250-500 calories)
  • Cardiovascular train 4-5 days each week. Shoot for 45-60 minutes each session, but feel free to break it into smaller bouts of 10-15 minutes if necessary. Burn even more calories in a shorter period of time by utilizing intervals.
  • Resistance train 2-3 days each week. Use short rest breaks between sets
  • Be consistent with your program.
  • Grab a partner. Not only will this inspire accountability, but will also add a bit of intensity through competition.
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The issue of plywood in the back of your pants can be just as difficult. Like the exercise ball in the pants, genetic factors can make the physical change a tough task. It is just as frustrating to be a hard gainer as it is to be an easy gainer. Your target now is not to lose fat weight, but to gain lean muscle weight. Your workload is similar, but the keys for gaining are a bit different.

5 keys to Muscle Gain

  • Barring your having a significant body fat issues in other areas, you will want to add approximately 250 calories per day to your diet. These added calories should be primarily protein based.
  • Eat approximately 50 calories of protein and 100 calories of carbohydrate 60 minutes prior to your workout. Eat approximately 50 calories protein and 200 calories of carbohydrate 30 minutes post workout.
  • Cardiovascular training should be done 3 times each week for 20-30 minutes. Make at least 2 of these sessions interval training sessions.
  • Resistance train your entire body 3 times each week. Keep your repetitions between 6-12 with rest periods 90-180 seconds. To target your butt (gluteus) muscles you will include specific exercises. Double leg squats and dead lifts will be your primary exercises. Lunges, stability ball planks and leg curls, power cleans, and plyometric jumps are also great exercises for your backside. You’ll want a fairly high volume of work so shoot to complete 3-5 sets per exercise.
  • Grab a partner. Not only will this inspire accountability, but will also add a bit of intensity through competition.
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Sculpting your ideal rear end, without the blessing of perfect genetics, is not easy. Following the simple steps above for your goal will give you a great start. Getting professional help from a certified personal trainer, utilizing added protein, certain vitamins, or herbs may be helpful in achieving your specific fitness goals. I encourage you to begin with the basic keys listed above and seek out further information for these added pieces that may make your journey a bit more efficient and ensure an overall balanced safe exercise program.

Tom is a health and wellness professional, certified as a strength and conditioning specialist and member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He provides Fitness Professional business, education, and travel opportunities through his company FIT Launch, Inc.

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